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Other Box Styles

Other Box Styles2016-11-21T09:42:40+00:00

Project Description

Edge Locked Sleeve

Other Box Styles

Additional box styles commonly used for custom Paper Folding boxes are listed below.

Paper pillow box is a unique shape but widely used ,  White & Kraft Pillow Boxe,Fancy Paper Pillow Boxes, Tab Pillow Favor Boxes ,Striped Pillow Boxes

A Display Box is designed to provide a point-of-purchase unit for holding a number of individual packages or products. It does not need to be glued. The retailer simply opens the top of the box and folds the lid back for easy advertising.

A Dispenser Box is typically placed at the retail checkout counter or near the cash register to stimulate impulse sales.

With printing inside and out, the Book Style Box allows for plenty of room for text and graphics.

In the Hexagon box, all six sides are the same dimension, however it is frequently produced with the front and rear panels greater in length than the left and right side panels. Either way, it folds flat.

The STE Connected to a Header Card allows for more advertising on the header card.

Counter Top Easels are generally used for in-store advertising and sometimes have the product installed on the easel itself, with slits or holes that allow the product to be attached.

The Edge Locked Sleeve is generally used for custom food boxes and is used to hold one or more plastic containers.

Type of Paper :                           wrap paper (art  paper,kraft paper,special paper ,foil paper )

                                                             to cover  on  corrugater paper / SBS / grey paper

 Printing :                                    Offset 1 to 6 Colors with Varnishing or Lamination

 Finishes:                                             Embossing  / UV Coating /  Stamping

 Minimum Order Quantity  :       5,000 pcs

 Production and Shipping  :        3 – 8 weeks

Free Designer Service :        For orders of 20,000 usd and more
Shipping :                              Directly to you Door
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