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Paper Rigid Box

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Customize Your Paper Rigid Boxes:

Set Up Boxes or Custom Rigid Boxes are the highest quality custom packaging option available and are designed to fit your product exactly.

Paper Rigid Boxes are most used for high end products like skin care, cosmetic packaging, specialty foods, jewelry packaging and game sets. They usually include a custom insert made of foam or formed plastics to insert your product into.

Paper rigid box  can be made in various board thicknesses from 30pt up to 100pt. Rigid Boxes have vast structural integrity and have easy fast product loading. They are typically wrapped in custom paper with options of custom printing, embossing & de-bossing, foil stamping and UV inks. Magnetic closures are also available to give your package added appeal. Whichever way you go Rigid boxes add perceived value and strength to your package.

Paper Rigid Box Style

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Key Features

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