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At Yshen, we think of ourselves as family

Peter Lang
Peter Langpresident
Peter Liang ,the company’s first owner & president, ran the box workshop with his wife for several years ,
As the company expanded, the business continued to move into bigger and bigger spaces, eventually requiring a warehouse ,in 1999, the paper box factory was set up at Dongguan downtown . the product just include paper box .
With the further cooperation, many of our clients asking us to make tin box ,more and more …
In 2005 ,Peter Liang set up a tin box factory in Dongguan downtown
Jack Cai
Jack Caigeneral manager
Jack has worked for Yshen packaging Company for 6 years and in the packaging industry for more than 10 years. He is strict and Humor .Has a wealth of management experience ,so he is the boss of goalkeeper .He works closely with clients to create packages that will protect their product and display it in a way that uniquely reflects their brand.
Besides ,He is good for the employee ,We all like him very much.
shirly sheng
shirly shengbusiness manager
Shirly is our international trade manager , She has 8 years of experience in packaging foreign trade and fixed customer base . She is friendly and helpful .
Tonny yang
Tonny yangproject manager
With 15 years of experience in the set up box industry, Tonny is uniquely qualified to solve production issues. He’s worked in materials preparation, machine setup, machine maintenance & product flow planning, and has been trained in welding, metallurgy, machining & grinding. And it’s this comprehensive hands-on experience in the industry that allows him to keep Yshen Paper Box running at the highest level of flexibility & productivity.
Our other office worker
Our other office worker